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We are respected brokers of auto, home, business, and health insurance for the needs of families, individuals and businesses. -- Founder and Owner, Christy Lexow

With coverage you can count on, C. Lexow Insurance Advisors Ltd. strives to provide quality products and personalized services.  We pride ourselves on offering products from nationally recognized, well respected companies. We offer excellent claims service and consultation for all your insurance needs.  Purchasing insurance could not be easier.

You can count on us to:

  • provide the correct coverage to cover your financial assets against catastrophic events, protecting you from the unknown

  • service your account promptly and courteously

  • listen to your situation and dig for the information to get you the right coverage

  • to be there when needed. I'll even go through all of your papers to make sense of what you have and need

  • make the switch to a new policy with greater ease


Christy E. Lexow

Christy grew up in Edwardsville and graduated from Edwardsville High School. She attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with a degree in Communications.

After graduating from college, Christy became the manager of MWR Base Library in Gaeta, Italy. Upon her return from Italy to the United States, she made a decision to join the family business and create a unique position for herself. With a desire to own her own business, she wanted to focus on the needs of clients in the area of auto, home, business and health insurance.

Christy founded C. Lexow Insurance Advisors, Ltd. in July, 2006.

"My company is founded on the simple principle that customer service comes first and we must always be flexible to our customer's needs and serve them with excellence and integrity."
 -- Christy Lexow

We have the expertise to find you the right coverage at the right price.


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