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Kellerman Investigations, Ltd.

Kellerman Investigations provides discreet, licensed and bondd investigation services to individuals, attorneys, businesses and unions for Illinois and Missouri.

Services offered to Corporate clients include Pre-Employment & Drug Screening, Executive Protection, Intellectual Property Investigations, Counter Intelligence Analysis and Surveillances, to name a few.
Greg Kellerman, owner of Kellerman Investigations, is an experienced union negotiator for the United Steelworkers of America, #12650, Alton, IL., where he was a member for over 20 years. He is experienced with all unique matters involving union investigations.  
Domestic Investigations
Whether your concerns involve divorce, child custody or pre-nuptial matters, these can often be extremely stressful. Kellerman is always there in the most stressful of times to maximize the favorable documentation for each situation. Regularly employed by Domestic Relations Attorneys to secure information not easily discerned, we have worked on high profile investigations where securing difficult statements and essential surveillance documentation was pertinent to a successful outcome.
Asset and Recovery
Our team of licensed private investigators offers over 35 years of experience conducting difficult locates and investigations. Our investigators utilize the latest technologies and databases to resolve all accounts.
Your company may need to verify a charity for corporate or private contributions. KIL will discreetly and confidentially acquire background information on associations and their leadership to assure thoughtful investment liabilities for your firm's funds.
Legal Investigations
Over the years, Kellerman has collaborated closely with many leading Illinois & Missouri criminal, civil and corporate attorneys and police agencies.

To learn more...Call (618) 288-6662 or submit our Service Request Form on our website to set your free consultation with a licensed investigator. We at Kellerman Investigations, Ltd., would be privileged to add unions members, individuals and companies to our list of satisfied customers. For more information, call (888) 402-6662. 



Kellerman Investigations, LTD. is licensed by the Illinois Departments of Professional Regulation; Illinois Detective License #115-001758 [Agency #117-001201]. Missouri Detective License #2010016561 [Agency 2010032504]. St. Louis, City Process Server License, #270.


Service Of Process: Investigations (, LiveScan Fingerprinting ( Legal Software ( 


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Kellerman Investigations, Ltd.
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