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We help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their financial goals of wealth accumulation and wealth preservation. -- founder and owner, Larry Lexow

We accomplish this through a comprehensive approach that uses financial strategies, insurance, and tax saving strategies, as well as a variety of qualified and non-qualified retirement planning methods.

Our four step process towards peace of mind:

We analyze your insurance and investment* portfolios to identify any gaps that may exist

We provide you with suggestions to fill in the gaps or to help you reach your objectives more efficiently in obtaining financial independence.

If our recommendations make sense to you, we implement them and help you secure the required products and services.

Because your financial situation is bound to change, we work with you over time through periodic reviews to help you monitor your strategy and its ability to continue to meet your goals.


Larry R. Lexow

Lawrence R. Lexow, CFS, CRPS, CLTC, is President of Lexow Financial Group and BCL Financial Management Consultants, Inc. He brings 30 years of entrepreneurial business experience to a wide variety of both family and nonfamily-owned business clients.

Larry received a B.S. degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where he now serves on the Alumni Board and the University Foundation Board. His broad experience with closely held companies make him uniquely qualified to understand their needs and to develop creative solutions.

In his current position, Larry is able to provide the required development, coordination and implementation of a comprehensive financial strategy for retirement planning and employee benefit programs; and employee benefit plan design, implementation and administration. His experience includes: four-year appointment to the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, advising the IRS and U.S. Treasury on issues regarding taxpayer concerns and internal process and procedures.

Larry is also a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and The American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries. He is a frequent speaker and author of articles on the subject of employment benefits issues.


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*Securities and investments offered through: Nicol Investors Corporation (NIC), Member FINRA and SIPC NIC; Nicol Advisors Corporation; and Kevin G. Nicol & Associates, Inc. are subsidiaries of Nicol Enterprises, Inc. (NEI) dba Nicol Financial Services (NFS) Lexow Financial Group, C. Lexow Insurance Advisors, Ltd., K Flaherty Associates P.C. dba Thompson Flaherty, Law Offices of Neal J. Wallace, P.C.,  NEI and Nicol Properties are separate business entities

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